Chinese New Year Banquet: Feb 3rd – Mar 5th, 2016

From February 3rd to March 5th, amidst our brilliant New Year’s decorations, we’ll offer our ever-popular multi-course Chinese New Year’s Banquet – just $45.95 per person for parties of 4 or more, or $49.95 per person for parties of 2 or 3* (plus tax & gratuities). Reservations highly recommended – call 215-657-3993.
*For parties of 2 or 3 there are entree limitations – ask your server


Celebrate Chinese New Year 4714 – The Year of The Monkey

Banquet Menu


Happiness Delicacies

Firecracker Truffle-oil Vegetable Spring Roll

Crispy Phyllo Dough Shrimp

Pan-fried Seafood Water Chestnut Dumplings


Winter Squash Seafood Soup

With shrimp, scallops, tofu, vegetables and egg white


Crispy Jumbo Shrimp with Fig

With Shanghai baby bok choi, tamarind fig sauce


Mandarin Orange Duck

With asparagus, eight-treasure sweet rice, orange-Pinot Noir emulsion


Wok Sesame Filet Mignon Medallion (Spicy)

With edamame, fresh corn, onion, pepper, Chinese broccoli tips,
sesame-rice wine sauce


Royal Crispy Whole Sea Bass

With onion, pepper, peas, pineapple tangy sweet & sour sauce


Vegetable Fried Rice

With shiitake, fresh corn, edamame, tomato, onion, basil and egg


Propitious New Year Dessert

Chinese New Year Cake, Green Tea Ice Cream, Sesame Ball with Sweet Red Bean Paste and Fresh Berries


$45.95 a person – for parties of 4 or more. $49.95 a person for parties of 2 or 3 (entrée limitations-ask your server). From February 3 to March 5, 2016. Reservation suggested.